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Joel Adams Sketch is a site dedicated to some of my pinup art and other art that no longer has a home on my other sites.

Originally I had only one site. Joel Adams Dynamic Style Guides (DSG). This was my portfolio site that included professional, commercial and personal work. Then Lilz, which started out as a bunch of doodles in 1999, took on a life of it's own. They soon grew big enough and got enough attention that I thought it would be a good idea to set up a Lilz website, dedicated to only Lilz.

All seemed well and fine, I had the portfolio site and the Lilz site. Then I got a phone call in 2004 from two separate clients, who were offended by some of the material in a section of my portfolio site called "Stuff I do for me". To most who have peered through the section and commented, they thought the work was sexy, but not offensive. I could have stayed with my stuff I do for me page and figured that the complaint came from only two out of the many who have come to my site and brought me work, but in the end, I decided that if I could avoid offending anyone where my bread and butter site was concerned, I'll do that.

So, now I also have Joel Adams Which next to Lilz, will probably be, for noncommercial viewers and myself, the more interesting of my sites. It should have regular updates and more things going on.

Enjoy... I know I will
Joel Adams